I would like to take this opportunity to thank my gynaecologist Dr Okezie. He is not just a gynaecologist but a prayerful and God fearing individual who helped me undergo a complected pregnancy from that day at 3am when I sent him a message saying that I think I am pregnant and might have just had a miscarriage. He responded immediately and calmed me down and advised that I go to hospital, upon arrival around 7am he was already there, until I reached the hospital. That day we began our journey and even though it had lot of complications, he was there for me and my husband and would pray for us, today my son is 2 years 6 months and growing strong every day.

- From Jabu & Khabo Mahlangu

I am very grateful for your service Doctor... My twins are 8 months today, healthy and the most beautiful pair I have ever laid my eyes on. Through all my pregnancy complications my Gynaecologist Dr Okezie Amaechina assured me of their safety, he restored my faith. He delivered our boys and both of them were perfect I was home after 2 days with them. I highly recommend him to any woman in need of great service, May God continue to light his way and grant him the strength he needs to continue with his beautiful work... I will forever be Grateful for Dr Amaechina.

We would like to thank you for walking with us through our pregnancy

We came to you while confused and stressed after I tested found that I am low blood and the Physician had to do a blood transplant. When asked for the reason my blood was low, the physician mentioned that maybe I am pregnant and my baby is in the fallopian tube.

On our first visit, Dr Amaechina calmed us down and did all the tests and, yes, I was pregnant normally and anaemic. He guided us through what to do and how to deal with my pregnancy and being anaemic. He said 'make sure you meditate in the word of God take time to pray'.

No words can describe how thankful we are, may Good Bless you, grant you more life so you can help more people in your practice. We thank God for putting you in this career, as God's will and work is fulfilled through you. Your humbleness and your desire to help, explaining in detail what to do and expected of me for a healthy pregnancy, helped us to have a beautiful healthy daughter Ntebogeng Uskhusele Msimango.

What you have done in my labour room amazed me, you are a God send, through the science God installed in you, I saw God's goodness.

The midwife who was helping me while waiting for you, decided to book theatre for 02h20 morning for C-section as she said I can't deliver naturally. You came at around 02h05 and through your experience and belief, trusted me that I could delivery naturally. I was 6/10 (my womb opening) and Dr Amaechina broke my water for me and literally helped me to deliver. You were pushing with me literally up until I delivered at 2h15.

May God bless you and your family for allowing you to leave them to do what God planted in you. May your business grow big and flourish, you deserve thousands referrals and definitely we recommend you to every woman we talk to.

From me, Busisiwe Msimango and my partner Lerotla Riba, thank you so much.

- Busisiwe Msimango and my partner Lerotla Riba

I would not been alive writing this if it was not for Dr Amaechina. This doctor gives you his TIME, he is THOROUGH and passionate about his job and fights until he resolves your situation. Yet so humble, pleasant and he is a doctor who listens to his patients. He is detailed , selfless and experienced i will recommend him a thousand times try him you will not go wrong. He knows his patients by name and he walks with you through your situation. Today I'm carrying my one day old princess at femina netcare in Pretoria. May God bless and increase you abundantly Dr Amaechina.

- Joyce Sakala


When my wife and I found out we were pregnant, we were jubilant. Finding out that it was twins, a boy and a girl, well if I put it in the words of my wife, "this is an answered prayer".

We both did not have an idea what to expect in pregnancy as this was our first, the only thing to go by was books and stories from those who have been through the journey. Little did we know that people's journey through pregnancy is different, we had to walk our own, our own Journey to our Answered Prayer.

It began one Sunday evening, my wife was about 10 weeks in, she experienced some complications and I had to rush her to the hospital. The doctor who was on-call performed a scan and said, "I cannot see the other twin, I only see one". Those words can pierce through the heart and bring a grown man to tears, but I had to keep it together to be strong for my wife, who looked calm as ever. We did not have a dedicated gynae by then and none of the gynaecologists at the hospital wanted to take us as we were not their patients. The doctor on-call said he knew a gynae who might be able to take us, he gave him a call and said he has agreed to see us. My wife was then transported to the hospital where he practiced, that is where we met Dr. Okezie Amaechina. He performed a scan and confirmed that both our babies were fine. On our drive back home, I asked my wife why she seemed so calm through out the whole ordeal, she simply said,"this is an answered prayer, I knew that both babies are fine even when they could not see the other one".

What a gentle character, patient and caring, we call it Ubuntu in my mother-tongue. We had a high-risk pregnancy, and Dr Amaechina was there throughout, even performed a high-risk procedure to ensure that our babies were safe in their mother's womb. The fact that he would sit us down and explain exactly what he sees on the scan, I think I now even know how to differentiate between fluid and tissue on a scan. One day when Dr Amaechina was booking my wife off work so that she can rest after another pregnancy scare, he said, "take some time off, sit and home and read your bible". I knew in my heart right there, that this was not just an ordinary gynae, but this was the one God had given to us to help us through this journey.

It was a very tough pregnancy, but the ingredients were just right; a very strong woman, a wise God-given doctor, and a frightened husband who just wanted to be there for his wife. On 01 January 2018 around 08:00am, Dr Amaechina delivered our answered prayer to us as entrusted to him by God, our babies were here. Our boy Lubanzi and our girl Lujulile. Their names, Lubanzi Lujulile, meaning the love of God is wider than the ocean (Lubanzi) and deeper than the sea (Lujulile).

Dr Okezie Amaechina, we thank God for bringing you to us and we thank Him for putting Science in the hands of capable and responsible men like yourself.

- Mr and Mrs Sikhosana


It’s a great honor to write this recommendation letter for the most valuable Doctor, Dr Okezie Amaechina. As a Gynecologist, his professionalism, dedication and supportive attitude outweighed any other doctor I have seen in the past and his thirst for excellence impressed me very much.

I have known him for the past 10 months when I first was recommended to him by a nurse I consult for my children injections and he has given me a very strong impression. Anytime he was available to assist me should it be by phone or at the hospital, weekends or Christmas holidays. As I had a condition of blood pressure during my pregnancy, Dr Amaechina supported me a lot day and night he really dedicated his time and professionalism in getting me as healthy as possible through the whole pregnancy and delivery process.

I see him as one of the best minds who contribute a lot to the society there for I strongly recommend Dr Okezie Amaechina, without any reservation to any mother/family out there seeking a great support during their pregnancy.

- Aimee Manimani Nsimire


On the 27 April 2018 me and my husband travelled from Eastern cape to Pretoria, I was 35 weeks with threatened pre-term labour. On our arrival first thing we needed was a OBGYN as soon as possible and our concern it was a long weekend I am still experiencing abdominal pains and contractions, on the 30 April 2018 we went to different hospitals in Arcadia looking for a OBGYN.

The appointments that I managed to get from other OBGYN rooms was after a week or 2 they were fully booked. Around 11h30 on the same day we decided to go to Muelmed mediclinic hospital we asked the security for the available OBGYN He referred us to Dr OU Amaechina. We went to DR's room we explained everything to the lady at the reception, she told us "The Dr is fully booked and he's not around yet she didn't promise us anything but I can complete my personal details on the file and wait" I was sure that I will see the OBGYN before the end of the day, I didn't mind even if we are the last to see the Doctor.

What amazed me when the Dr OU Amaechina arrived we were summoned, I told my husband "He is calling my name" he was surprised it was beyond our expectation. I was examined and all was well and he managed to see some of the things my previous OBGYN couldnt see and we were given another appointment. On the 20 May 2018 Sunday morning around 8:00 my water was licking, I phoned Dr OU Amaechina he requested me to go to labour ward as soon as possible. I was examined in the labour ward I was about 4 cm and the baby doing well. Later on the Dr arrived examined, he descovered that the baby is in malpresantation that was not good. I started to be stressed out because I needed to deliver normally but he tried to turn the baby it was not successful, he explained everything and he didn't want more time to be wasted c/section was our final decision.

Throughout the process I was alone my spouse couldn't make it but Dr OU Amaechina continued playing a role of a doula, doctor, nurse and helped me to feel less anxious when he noticed that I was anxious I was about to get the spinal anaesthetic, he reassured me I remember squeezing his hand very hard (due to labour pain) sorry doc for that. The procedure went well our cute little boy was born healthy. Thank you for the care leading up to delivery,your easy going manner helped me to relax.

The secret to my awesome recovery is a doctor who is simply extraordinary, OBGYN like you are not just DR's but real life saver. I may not have talked to God through prayers but in your services I have seen his favour.

- Nonhlanhla Mthimunye